TK-1: A British breakthrough in e-bike retrofit technology

“The inventor of a revolutionary new E-bike retrofit kit says it will disrupt the industry as it means every pedal cycle in the world can now be quickly and easily converted into an E-bike.”

The bike industry is on track to be worth more than 51 billion dollars in the next 5 years and has attracted models from the likes of Porsche and GM. But the CEO of Connect 4 Engineering Bobby Singh is calling for a lot more honesty between manufacturers and customers.

“I passionately feel that everyone who has a bike should be able to have an E-bike. I’ve been genuinely disheartened to see the industry hiking up prices due to the increase in demand brought about by the pandemic. This is not acceptable; let’s face it, cycling is the best possible way to travel in a socially distanced way and better for our environment too,” Bobby said.

“Our model, the TK-1, gives people of any age an affordable solution which will revolutionize global public transportation. If they’ve got a bike then, thanks to the TK-1, there’s no reason they shouldn’t convert it into an E-bike,” Bobby added.

Speaking on the TK-1, Head of Research & Development Engr. Hafiz Ali said, “The TK-1 is a hybrid system, and when you need that little bit of extra pedal power, you can, at the press of a throttle, moderate your power. This differs from the traditional hub motors that have cadence sensors – that means they normally have no or just a partial mechanical link between the pedals and hub. Unlike other retrofit kits and E-bikes, the TK-1 delivers the true pedal-assist technology, mechanically and electronically, only normally found on top-end E-bikes.” 


The ‘reign’ of e-bikes in a bicycle drought

You get told every route has a destination; the classic ‘get up and make it happen.’ However, the minute you think about getting on a bike to get there, let’s say you will not be reaching your destination anytime soon…

No, not because of covid, but the bike shortage, which has left people waiting till 2023. This comes after the demand for bikes outstrips supply.

Unprecedented times

If we ride back to the first lockdown in the UK, many people turned to cook and exercise as we lived under the ‘stay at home’ instruction. Workers were furloughed, people moved to work from home, and cycling was permitted. This was when the bike trade started to go off track.

Since then, the lockdown has eased and come back several times, but the pandemic has certainly changed one thing for good: the way people get from A to B. Rather than public transport, cycling is seen as much safer, but the supply of bikes has shown this has not been an option for all.

According to Cycling Industries Europe (CIE), 85% of bicycle companies are experiencing problems, and supply chain challenges are unlikely to be resolved in 2021.

The delays are causing a ripple effect on the manufacturing and selling of bikes, but long-term forecasts look optimistic.

With the confidence in an increase in investment, research, and development in the bicycle industry, the global market is set to reach $78 billion by 2026, says PR Newswire.

Google is not your best friend

What does this mean for you?

Well, we know you have googled how to buy the bike you want in 2021, and we are not fans. ‘Stay in contact with your local store,’ ‘check websites regularly,’ spend a little more.’ these are things you already know and are not working.

Then comes the option of an electric bike.

An electric bike is known for its ‘easy ride’ with extra peddling support and a green mode of transport.

The electric bike market is expected to reach $38.6 billion by 2025, but a bike shortage remains.

End destination: TK-1

We have a route for you. Save yourself time and money with an electric bike converter. TK-1 retrofit kits allow you to turn any bike into a high-performance mid-drive electric bike. But we do not just provide ‘an easy ride.’

All electric bike converters on the market right now make a change to the actual bike, for example, changing the current wheel on the bike with a motored wheel, whereas TK-1 ensures no changes.

We give your original bike a new lease of life and power with our hybrid design of pedal-assist technology. This means with a flick of a switch; you have the option of regular cycling, a percentage of partial assist, or full assistance.

Before you switch off, let’s address the elephant in the room…

This is an affordable piece of kit. TK-1 is green, innovative, sustainable, global, and affordable because no one should miss out.

E-biking is about to become accessible and affordable thanks to a new British invention that’s disrupting the status quo

It’s no secret that Elon Musk has changed how we make cars and how we think about sustainability, but a revolution in E-biking technology could be about to set a new trend.

With the booming cycling industry expected to be worth more than $50 billion in 5 years, cities worldwide are scrambling to cut pollution and align themselves to the Paris Climate goals. There’s never been more urgency to reduce emissions, but now, new technology is about to make E-biking more affordable and accessible to all.

With electric bikes proving to be popular, there remains a huge barrier to entry due to the cost of getting a fully fitted E-bike. But what if the bikes we already use could be converted into E-bikes by simply attaching a new add-on? A British company, Connect 4 Engineering, has developed a solution that does just that.

The TK-1 is a new retrofit conversion kit with an international patent pending that allows 95% of the world’s bikes to be converted into E-bikes by adding pedal-assist technology at a fraction of the cost. The TK-1, a mid-drive, hybrid plug and ride system which delivers true pedal-assist mechanically and electronically, has already been added and tested on bikes from Carrera to Atlas, Olympus, Trek, Probike, Gant and T-Ger, to name but a few. The process is easy when adding the TK-1, and the bike’s frame doesn’t need to be altered, meaning that the retrofit kit can be manufactured on mass without having to be adapted for each brand.

In its first trials in Dubai, it has proven to be successful while providing a design aesthetic that makes it appealing to the mass market. With its in-built battery option, it will also give people a range of 20-100 miles depending on their usage (50 miles on average, depending on the chosen size of the power supply). Typical speeds can exceed 15 mph when the battery is in use.

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Speaking about the technology this week, Engr. Hafiz, Head of Research & Development for Connect 4 Engineering said, “We’ve developed the TK-1 entirely in-house using intelligent green technology and processes to ensure it has a low carbon footprint, a rapid rate of production and can be manufactured anywhere in the world. This means we are well placed to meet the ever-increasing demand: there are an estimated 2 billion bikes on the planet, and the TK1 has already been tested across many brands and bike types.”

With its inbuilt mode options using a simple 3-switch device, cyclers can quickly go from regular peddling to fully assist cycling with little to no maintenance needed.

The possibilities are endless and for consumers, being able to quickly add their new TK-1 kit to their own bike means the technology suddenly becomes accessible – and will significantly reduce Co2 emissions.

For big cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, e-biking could replace short car journeys to work and give people the option to cycle with a motor for extended trips.

Having already received the attention of investors in its early trials, the British inventors of the new TK-1 retrofit kit are aiming to make it available to consumers as early as this year upon completion of its next round of funding.

Have you considered the benefits of e-biking in your community?

In partnership with Connect 4 Engineering


To be honest, if you’re a driver reading this right now, what annoys you the most when driving?

A.  People not looking and crossing the road

B.  Cyclists on the road

C.  Cars which are parked in a wrong place

Ideally, we’re hoping you picked B… if not, read on anyway!

For those of you who get annoyed by cyclists, we will not tell you not to get annoyed.

Cyclists slow us down and always seem to be in the way, especially when you happen to be in a rush.

Only if they could pedal faster…

What if they didn’t have to?

TK-1 is a retrofit conversion kit that transforms a bicycle into an electric bike (e-bike). The hybrid bike provides 3 modes of assistance:

  • Normal cycling
  • A percentage of partial assist, moderated with the cyclers own pedalling power
  • Full pedal assistance


This means no more holding up the traffic. Pedal-assist allows you to cycle at a much faster rate so that you can keep up, and a bonus when there is standing still traffic!

But that isn’t the only reason you need to ditch your car…

We all know cars and other vehicles add to pollution, so let us put it into perspective:

The grass is greener on the other side

E-bikes release 100 times less co2 per mile than a car.

What’s better is, TK-1 is manufactured using green technology. This means, compared to a normal e-bike which releases a lot of co2 during the manufacturing stage, TK-1 has no detrimental effects on the environment.

Taking the above benefits of an e-bike into consideration, TK-1 reduce your carbon footprint, and we strive to become carbon neutral.

It doesn’t stop there. TK-1 only costs 2p per mile to run!

A piece of cake

It is great to hear the benefits of an e-bike, but how does this benefit you?

Imagine a cake. Let’s say half of the cake is fresh and ready to eat, whereas the other half is stale, but the whole cake looks the same.

You’ve taken a stale slice but are not aware. You don’t realise until your body reacts to the gone off cake a day later.

It’s the same with pollution: you drive a car which releases co2 into the atmosphere. You cannot see the direct effect on yourself and think it is no harm when the results are long term. Co2 leads to bad air quality, which we inhale, affecting our breathing, plants and organisms.

This takes us back to the benefits of an e-bike, particularly TK-1: environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Out of my League

The best part is that we are not asking you to buy a new e-bike that could cost you up to £15,000.

Take your current bike and TK-1.

Our kit costs nowhere near what it would purchase a new e-bike because there are no barriers with us when it comes to looking after our environment.

With TK-1, be aware of your environment, turn to green technology and strive for carbon neutrality.

Who said you couldn’t have your cake and eat it?

TK-1: British breakthrough in electric bicycle modification technology

TK-1: British breakthrough in electric bicycle modification technology

“The inventor of the innovative new E-bike mod kit says it confuses the industry because it means that every pedal cycle in the world can be converted to an E-bike quickly and easily.”

The bicycle industry is expected to be worth more than $ 51 billion over the next five years, attracting models such as Porsche and GM. However, the CEO of Connect 4 Engineering Bobby Singh wants more integrity between manufacturers and customers.

“I’m passionate about anyone who owns a bike and should have an electric bike. I was disappointed to see the industry raising prices due to the increased demand from pandemics. This is unacceptable. Let’s face it. Cycling is the best way to travel in a socially distant way and a better way for our environment, “Bobby said. It was “Our model, the TK-1, provides people of all ages with an affordable solution that will revolutionize public transport around the world. Suppose they have a bike, thanks to the TK-1. , There’s no reason they shouldn’t turn it into an E-bike, “Bobby added.

Talking about the TK-1, he is the head of the R & D engineer. Assad said: “The TK-1 is a hybrid system. If you need to pedal a little, you can adjust the power with just a throttle push. This is different from a traditional hub. Motor It has a cadence sensor. That is, there is usually no or only partial mechanical link between the pedal and the hub. Unlike other retrofit kits and e-bikes, the TK-1 offers true pedal-assist technology, mechanically and electronically, usually found only on top-end e-bikes. “

“The TK-1 has been developed entirely in-house using intelligent green technology and processes to ensure low carbon dioxide emissions, high production rates and production anywhere in the world. It means we are ready to meet the ever-increasing demand. With an estimated 2 billion bicycles on the planet, the TK1 has already been tested with many brands and bicycle types. “Engr. Assad has been added

Designed and developed in England, TK-1 is plug-and-ride, with a range of 100 mph and speeds of over 15 mph and can be customized to meet different laws in each country.

The TK-1 is in the final stages of development and is drawing attention as a fully functional prototype has been successfully tested and tested both in the UK and abroad. Investor..

Speaking of innovation, His Excellency Adnan al Norani, President of Sheikh Sakel bin Mohamed Alkasimi Private Office, “Welcome this innovation from Connect 4 Engineering to the United Arab Emirates. The TK-1 offers a new and fun way to explore. Dubai.. “

“The TK-1 is the biggest destroyer of E-bike technology. It’s a true game-changer and will improve the lives of many people now and in the future.” Sir Anthony Lithossa Said.

Bobby Singh added to the statement: “This is an international patent-pending engineering solution and unique. At this point, we need to change the structure of the bike to an electric bike. It’s costly and inexpensive. Cyclists, especially good. The TK-1 fills the gap and offers something new to cycling around the world. “

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TK-1: British breakthrough in electric bicycle modification technology

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