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We’re here to revolutionise the e-bike industry! Get from A to B with our retro-fit, manufactured using green processes to ensure we protect our environment. TK-1 is a small, simple and sophisticated kit that attaches to your current bike, instantly providing you with performance levels of a high-end mid-drive e-bike! Did we mention it’s portable too? You can detach it from your bike, pack it and take it with you wherever you go!”

When we designed TK-1, we pushed all the boundaries to create a product that could remove all barriers. Regardless of age, health, or fitness levels, you can experience the magic of TK-1.

  • Affordable
  • Global
  • Portable
  • Eco-Friendly (to manufacture and to use)
  • Suitable for 95% of bike brands globally
  • *no specialist tools or mechanical knowledge required to fit the TK-1 kit.

    Simon Calder, Senior Editor at the Independent and Anna Hughes, Director at Flightfree UK, Bike Mechanic and environmental campaigner

    First public test of

    3 Pedal Assist Modes

    Feel the power in every route with TK-1 pedal-assist technology. In a flick of a switch, our true pedal-assist technology provides assistance from 0% to 100%, allowing riders to tackle hills or uneven roads for an easier ride. Here are the pedalling options:

    Normal cycling

    A percentage of partial assist

    Full pedal assistance

    Whether you are the bike Phanatic or the one who can’t remember the last time they went on a bike, we have you covered.

  • Tested
  • Proven
  • Patented
  • Game – Changer.
    • HOW TK-1 WORKS

      When we designed TK-1, we pushed all the boundaries to create a product that could remove all barriers. Regardless of age, health, or fitness levels, you can experience the magic of TK-1.

      We tested our technology on one of the toughest hills in London, Greenwich Park! Check out the result!

      Don’t take our word for it – listen to the first-hand reviews from users! From mayors, city transport director, UFC director, Nike Athlete, and many more!   From tough hills in London Greenwich Park to the Dubai desert!

      Unfortunately, as our technology is still quite confidential given our stage, we cannot provide an image. We designed this for people worldwide, with a price tag under $500 for a mid-drive e-bike!

      Our story

      TK-1 Time line

      TK-1 is a mechanical masterpiece, and after countless years of research and iterations, we cracked one of the most challenging tasks in the industry! To create a universal kit that add-ons to an existing bike.

      Check out our key milestones in the groundbreaking TK-1 technology.


      Ebike Market Research

      Countless times and effort spent researching compiling data, and we looked at many bicycle brands visiting India, Italy, and the EU to see the bicycle market.


      Duo Combined

      Hafiz and Bobby came together after a chance meeting with a vision to bring a vision to life. This was a vision that had been the brainchild of Hafiz for many years.


      The world came to a standstill with Covid

      This didn’t deter us; we continued to build our Vision of TK-1, especially when we saw prices of e-bikes the cost of cars – but still not addressing the key points of 2bn bikes!

      2020 would prove to be a mammoth year for TK-1; here are some of the key highlights:

        • First Patent Filed
        • 9 Iterations – to a prototype including weight and size reduction by 80%
        • Tested successfully across the road, mountain, racer and many more.
        • Successfully converted brands including Giant, Decathlon, Specialized and Trek, to name a few.
        • First public test with Simon Calder, the Senior Editor at the Independent
        • Reviewed, by many key people including City Transport Director, Deputy Mayor’s
        • I was invited by Sir Anthony Ritossa to a technology event in Dubai. I packed up TK-1 in hand luggage and travelled to Dubai, purchased an ordinary bicycle from dragon mart and made it into a mid-drive e-bike!
        • Demonstrated the in front of The Private Office Of Sheikh Qaismi to glowing praise.
        • TK-1 became an internationally tested and proven technology.


      our success

      We continued following our success as TK-1 has been privately funded; we began to add to the team and are now open to investment.

      • Continued development of our MVP with one step closer to production!
      • Successfully secured £500k from UHNI
      • Rave reviews from a Nike Athlete, UFC director and many more.



      • Hybrid Bicycle
      • Folding Bicycle
      • Step-Through Bicycle
      • Mountain Bicycle
      • Road Bicycle
      • Fixie Bicycle

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