Check out our some of our accustomed reactions to our ground breaking TK-1 International Patent Ebike kit

“It’s pretty cool, I think it’s cool because you know for people who are really not so strong riders but want to go ride with their friends they can go and ride which is pretty cool”

David Smith MBE

Nike Athlete
2 x World Champion and 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist

“A lot of the stuff we are doing with the older people as well so for them the bikes in the past they were put of biking because it’s too physical for them, but if you got a boost, then there is a massive market there.”

Matt Bray

Health and Wellbeing Manager at Leicester City Football

“I’m genuinely excited about how this innovation is making personal transportation more accessible and more affordable and allowing us to make more of the world.”

Simon Calder

Senior Editor at the Independent
The chairman of the board of the Private Office of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi welcomes Connect 4 Engineering Innovation, TK-1 to the United Arab Emirates, offering a fun way to explore Dubai.

His Excellency, Adnan Al Noorani

Chairman of the board

“Connect 4 engineering is delivering innovation at its finest with TK-1 its game-changing technology that enhances people’s lifestyle and helps achieve sustainable development goals..”

Sir Anthony Ritossa

Ritossa Family Office

“It was great, I enjoyed it, takes the pain out of hills. If it can get a 55-year-old back on a bike then yes ” “It will be an attractive offering to people with existing bikes” “It offers something different to the normal hub motors that fit at the front”

Stuart Maxwell

Leicester City Transport Director​
No Limits To Health CIC “TK-1 will be of immense benefit to the vision of No Limits To Health CIC. As a Director on the British Cycling West Midlands Regional Board, It is my firm belief that TK-1 will enable more people who are less active to seriously take upcycling”

Samuel Henry

Director (Inclusion, Diversity & Disability) British Cycling West Midlands Regional Board & Founder

“It’s like being a kid again, it’s awesome!” It is so easy, push down on the throttle and away you go” There is a growing demand for this, and once people realise how available it is, how easy it is, demand is going to go through the roof”

Chris Hobson

Director of Policy, Chambers

“It’s great how you can use your own power and moderate with additional power, yeah fantastic, really enjoyed it” – Click and Go

Councilor Adam Clarke

Deputy City Mayor
“This is truly special, very simple and innovative, that is just phenomenal”

Keith Mabbutt

CEO, Street soccer foundation

TK-1 is amazing, it’s so much fun, literally anytime you can push it on, By far one of the most exciting innovations I have seen in the biking industry to-date.

Nicolas Ferrear

IP Director at Adamson Jones, Ex-Rolls Royce Patent Attorney

It feels totally mad, its very novel, it’s very fun, very powerful, I can really feel it.

Anna Hughes

Environment Campaigner and Bike mechanic