“The inventor of a revolutionary new E-bike retrofit kit says it will disrupt the industry as it means every pedal cycle in the world can now be quickly and easily converted into an E-bike.”

The bike industry is on track to be worth more than 51 billion dollars in the next 5 years and has attracted models from the likes of Porsche and GM. But the CEO of Connect 4 Engineering Bobby Singh is calling for a lot more honesty between manufacturers and customers.

“I passionately feel that everyone who has a bike should be able to have an E-bike. I’ve been genuinely disheartened to see the industry hiking up prices due to the increase in demand brought about by the pandemic. This is not acceptable; let’s face it, cycling is the best possible way to travel in a socially distanced way and better for our environment too,” Bobby said.

“Our model, the TK-1, gives people of any age an affordable solution which will revolutionize global public transportation. If they’ve got a bike then, thanks to the TK-1, there’s no reason they shouldn’t convert it into an E-bike,” Bobby added.

Speaking on the TK-1, Head of Research & Development Engr. Hafiz Ali said, “The TK-1 is a hybrid system, and when you need that little bit of extra pedal power, you can, at the press of a throttle, moderate your power. This differs from the traditional hub motors that have cadence sensors – that means they normally have no or just a partial mechanical link between the pedals and hub. Unlike other retrofit kits and E-bikes, the TK-1 delivers the true pedal-assist technology, mechanically and electronically, only normally found on top-end E-bikes.”