Black Friday: the Friday following Thanksgiving originated in the USA.

Now, people bag their biggest deals on this day just in time for Christmas.

The Black Friday sales are famously known for getting a little violent, and the endless queues are not just restricted to the US anymore; it is global.

UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, Italy and many more are just a few to name.

Black Friday usually works great for retailers and tech, in-store and online. Here are some famous stores known for their Black Friday deals!

E-bikes and Black Friday

So, what does this have to do with e-bikes?

The big question is, is Black Friday worth it when it comes to e-bikes?

If we reflect on 2020, these were the best offers for cyclists.


A bit like tech, e-bikes are also very highly-priced, therefore when it comes down to a 20% off discount, it can equate to as big as £700.

As we can see, the biggest discount given here was 25% off, which seems like a hefty discount!

Unfortunately, fellow customers are being fooled.

The psychology behind Black Friday

Many would have heard of this concept, ‘the psychology of Black Friday’.

In short, Black Friday is a gimmick to make people buy more.

Research has shown that buying items priced lower than what people are willing to pay or lower than the normal price is satisfying.

Due to clever marketing, it is a trap even you may fall into in the holiday season.

It’s found that most people buy gifts (of course, with Christmas around the corner).

And then there’s FOMO (fear of missing out).

E-bikes on Black Friday

It brings us onto e-bike sales on Black Friday…

Customers are being fooled.

When something of a high price is on offer, people rush to get it. However, it also has the opposite effect.

It makes people feel like they can’t even afford the sale price because, in reality, an e-bike costing $3000 with a 20% discount is still expensive.

Now, customers won’t have to rely on sales like Black Friday to afford an e-bike, as TK-1 is breaking into the market.

Affordable, accessible and global retrofit, high-performance e-bike conversion kit ensures people aren’t waiting around for sales like these to make a difference to the world.

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