“The inventor of the innovative new E-bike mod kit says it confuses the industry because it means that every pedal cycle in the world can be converted to an E-bike quickly and easily.”

The bicycle industry is expected to be worth more than $ 51 billion over the next five years, attracting models such as Porsche and GM. However, the CEO of Connect 4 Engineering Bobby Singh wants more integrity between manufacturers and customers.

“I’m passionate about anyone who owns a bike and should have an electric bike. I was disappointed to see the industry raising prices due to the increased demand from pandemics. This is unacceptable. Let’s face it. Cycling is the best way to travel in a socially distant way and a better way for our environment, “Bobby said. It was “Our model, the TK-1, provides people of all ages with an affordable solution that will revolutionize public transport around the world. Suppose they have a bike, thanks to the TK-1. , There’s no reason they shouldn’t turn it into an E-bike, “Bobby added.

Talking about the TK-1, he is the head of the R & D engineer. Assad said: “The TK-1 is a hybrid system. If you need to pedal a little, you can adjust the power with just a throttle push. This is different from a traditional hub. Motor It has a cadence sensor. That is, there is usually no or only partial mechanical link between the pedal and the hub. Unlike other retrofit kits and e-bikes, the TK-1 offers true pedal-assist technology, mechanically and electronically, usually found only on top-end e-bikes. “

“The TK-1 has been developed entirely in-house using intelligent green technology and processes to ensure low carbon dioxide emissions, high production rates and production anywhere in the world. It means we are ready to meet the ever-increasing demand. With an estimated 2 billion bicycles on the planet, the TK1 has already been tested with many brands and bicycle types. “Engr. Assad has been added

Designed and developed in England, TK-1 is plug-and-ride, with a range of 100 mph and speeds of over 15 mph and can be customized to meet different laws in each country.

The TK-1 is in the final stages of development and is drawing attention as a fully functional prototype has been successfully tested and tested both in the UK and abroad. Investor..

Speaking of innovation, His Excellency Adnan al Norani, President of Sheikh Sakel bin Mohamed Alkasimi Private Office, “Welcome this innovation from Connect 4 Engineering to the United Arab Emirates. The TK-1 offers a new and fun way to explore. Dubai.. “

“The TK-1 is the biggest destroyer of E-bike technology. It’s a true game-changer and will improve the lives of many people now and in the future.” Sir Anthony Lithossa Said.

Bobby Singh added to the statement: “This is an international patent-pending engineering solution and unique. At this point, we need to change the structure of the bike to an electric bike. It’s costly and inexpensive. Cyclists, especially good. The TK-1 fills the gap and offers something new to cycling around the world. “

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TK-1: British breakthrough in electric bicycle modification technology

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