Climate change is a global problem, which the world needs to fight together.

Yet, we still see countries focusing on their own.

Yes, the world has Sustainable Development Goals to reach, but how will they be met?

Once we as people also take action and help the fight against climate change.

Low income, high emissions

When we talk about inequality, there is a significant focus on age, colour, gender.

So, let’s focus on income and how that is shaping the world we live in.

Low-income countries can’t afford to insulate homes. They can’t afford to take measures that China or the US are taking.

However, they are also the countries that emit high CO2 levels.

Here are the top 5 emitting countries in the world:

The one that stands out is India, a low developed and low-income country.

Let’s look at how a low developed country like India is fighting to lower CO2 emissions and how TK-1 can help its fight against climate change.


Emission rate: 1.80 metric tons according to data from 2018.

Investopedia says India is the third-largest CO2 emitter in the world.

Why is India’s emission rate so high?

Let’s not forget, India has one of the biggest populations in the world of 1.38 billion people.

India relies on coal as a source of electricity: coal consumption had risen from 68% in 1992 to 75% in 2015.

Also, India is a hub for manufacturing goods; hence imagine the levels of CO2 that emits.

Due to this and coal being a cheaper option than oil and gas, it has been predicted that India’s footprint is likely to go up in the future.

Climate change action:

The Indian population have gone big on electric transport.

As India’s roads fill with more electric rikshaws than the total number of electric cars sold in the US, it is evident they have warmed to electric transport.

TK-1 in India

Now, India has come up with many initiatives to encourage cycling, from cycle lanes to bike-sharing.

Covid-19 boosted their bike sales; however, bikes have already been the main mode of transport for many in India, especially those who can’t afford other forms of transportation.

Some even say cycling is now a ‘fashion statement’ in India.

TK-1 is the perfect match for India to help lower the populations’ carbon footprint.

With some areas of the country with hilly and narrow streets, giving cyclists in India the option to convert their bike into an e-bike at an affordable price will not go missing.

The TK-1 kit offers true pedal assist and fits on over 95% of bikes globally, making this a match made in heaven!