Price, preference & pedals

When was the last time you went on a date?

We appreciate this may have been some time ago, but there’s so much to love about dating!

Meeting new people, the different locations, and we can’t forget about the 2 for 1 espresso martini’s…

Before we get carried away reminiscing, the point is, you love dating because you don’t have to put your eggs in one basket. We like to have options.

Well, this is not only the case with dating. It goes with most things in life. We like options. It’s better than being limited to one thing because options make us feel like we have a personal choice.

And this is something TK-1 values.

A, B or C?

We want each of our riders to feel like their preferences have been catered to. Which one are you?

The bike Phonetic who loves to cycle?

The one who has a bike but can’t be bothered to cycle?

Or someone who would never consider owning a bike because it seems like too much hard work?

Believe it or not, TK-1 has something for all of you, regardless of which person you are. E-bikes have pedal-assist technology, which means it helps you pedal when cycling.

Whereas TK-1 doesn’t stick to basics. We wanted to give you 3 pedaling options:

  1. Normal cycling
  2. A percentage of partial assist (so you can cycle and have some assistance)
  3. Full pedal assistance (100% of the pedaling is done for you!)

3’s a charm

You will catch on; we love the number 3. As well as 3 pedal assist options, we also have 3 TK-1 kits you can choose from.

Kit 1:

A kit with no battery. Our thinking behind this one is that you can get a battery anywhere globally, and they are not expensive.

This makes kit 1 affordable for those on a low budget who don’t want to splash out but still have the TK-1 experience. (Your google equivalent to ‘cheap’ electric bike!)

Kit 2:

The kit with batteries. This is pricier than kit 1 but fits well with the middle price bracket.

Kit 3:

The kit with batteries, Bluetooth, and full smart technology. This kit is for those who want to splash out and get the ultimate TK-1 experience.

The ultimate experience

Frankly, all kits give you the ultimate TK-1 experience, but the techier you get, the more it will cost. This comes down to what you want, which is why we have considered 2 main factors when creating our kits: choice and pricing.

By having 3 kits, you get an element of personal choice and going for which excites you the most. Whilst pricing considers those from all walks of life with different budgets in mind.

Some of you want a ‘cheap electric bike’ option which does the job, and others like the complete works. Both are valid.

All around the world

If we look globally, every economy is different, and everyone’s disposable income varies.

What’s more, purchasing a brand-new e-bike creates that wealth gap as they are so pricey. So even when you search for a cheap electric bike, prices start from £499.00. Not so cheap!

This is something we want to diminish. TK-1 is not asking you to buy a bike. We are converting the bike you currently have to an e-bike like no other and giving it a new lease of life.

TK-1 believes there should be no barriers when it comes to cycling. Whether you want to take it up or feel it is a better choice for the environment, let’s do it together with TK-1.