Fight climate change & go carbon neutral with TK-1

You know a conversation has become awkward when you start talking about the weather…

But in 2021, it’s a bit more than awkward; it’s concerning.

The UK experienced some unusual storms this week. Everyone knows British weather is unreliable and summers are unpredictable, but after 2 weeks of a heatwave, the UK experienced massive thunderstorms due to climate change.

What is climate change?

If we looked back 20 years ago, summers were hot, and winters were cold, as they should be. Now, due to climate change, it will snow in March and thunderstorm in July.

Climate change, in basic terms, is the process of the earth heating up as a result of human activity.

One of the biggest causes of climate change is carbon dioxide (Co2), caused by transportation, deforestation and consuming electricity.

How does this affect you?

Well, higher temperatures do not mean booking the beer garden and enjoying the warm weather.

The Co2 in the atmosphere, also known as global warming, causes unpredictable and severe weather.

This explains the thunderstorms and extreme hail which the UK experienced.

Not only is this impacting animals and their natural habitats, but also us humans. Farmers in developing countries are having to deal with extremely hot weather and flooding, ruining crops.

The climate change crisis

There is no doubt that you haven’t heard about climate change. In more recent years, it has been the topic of conversation, debate, and action.

Even businesses around the world are taking a stance:

UK supermarket Sainsbury’s pledges to half its plastic use within 6 years.

H&M aims to use 100% recycled or sustainably sourced materials by 2030.

Service company BT hit its 2020 target four years ahead of schedule and aims to cut carbon emissions from its supply chain by 29%.

Levi’s aims towards 100% sustainably sourced cotton and recycling old jeans into home insulation.

Let’s ride to carbon-neutral together

It is a no-brainer that we a talking about climate change.

One way you can help to save the planet is to ride with us. Ride a bike.

As we know, transportation such as cars and buses release the most Co2, so we are offering an alternative.

We get it; riding a bike isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but we can make it yours!

TK-1 turns your current bike into an e-bike, encouraging usual bike riders and new riders to get on a bike.

E-bikes release between 2.6g to 5g of Co2, but it gives out 100 times less co2 per mile than a car.

TK-1 gives the best of both worlds.

Our conversion kit is manufactured using green technology and turns bikes into e-bikes to encourage more people to ditch their cars.

The kit offers true pedal assist, aiding you on hills and difficult terrains to encourage everyone to ride a bike.

Our commitment to sustainability              

As a brand, we aim to go carbon neutral.

So, do it all with TK-1: Ride a bike and save the planet.