One bike. One TK-1 kit. One hundred and ninety-five countries. Where are you heading first?

From New York to Tokyo, you may be on the same bike, but you are definitely in a different place, and we don’t mean because of the food you’re eating either!

Country to country, a bike has its meaning and its own culture. Let’s take you on a ride around the world on our top 5 picks!

Mexico City, Mexico

Bike translation: Bicicleta

The largest city in North America, Mexico City, has its complex routes, but the pandemic has shifted its attention to becoming more cycling friendly.

With scenic views and uphill mountain rides, it’s the perfect way to see the city, burn calories and the perfect excuse to turn your bike into an e-bike (for that easier and enjoyable ride!)

Here are 3 ways you can get cycling in Mexico City:

  1. Cycling any day, every day! Although the best way to see Mexico City would be through the traffic and local streets, the city consists of 150km of committed bike lanes, leading to accessible access routes to Historic Center, Reforma Avenue, Polanco, Condesa the Roma neighbourhoods.

2. Sunday cycling! Sundays have been dedicated to the Muévete en Bici (Move by Bike) event, covering 55 km of streets in Mexico City. 7 am and 2 pm every Sunday, boulevards turn into a cyclists path of heaven… Cyclists can take in the open and safe streets whilst others go on walks, free Zumba classes and Mexican martial arts outdoors.

3. One-off rides… The Environment Ministry of Mexico City organises a Night Ride in Reform Avenue and Chapultepec Park throughout the year. The traditional night ride, ‘Ride of Dia de Muertos’, where you will see people in costumes and covered in face paint on bikes. The event has broken an attendance record of over 95,000 bike riders before!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bike translation: fiets

There are more bikes then people in Amsterdam… Not sure how true that is, but there is a whopping 800,000 bikes there!

Amsterdam has a great cycling culture, with bikes around streets which people use to go to work on, drop children to school and use for daily errands.

As a tourist, a bike ride in Amsterdam is a must on the list. There are plenty of places to go and rent a bike, as well as guided tours to help tourists get around in the best way, on the best routes!

Paris, France

Bike translation: vélo

The city of love is also the city of bikes! Paris is a place for easy bike rides with flat roads and scenic places.

The city has a bike-sharing programme called Vélib, the largest in the world after China!

There are approximately 20,000 rental bikes and 1800 stations around Paris to get you started on your bike ride!

New York, USA

This was a no brainer on the list. New York is remarkable for its city life, shopping and theatre, but don’t forget amongst all the hustle and bustle and New York’s finest parks!

The ‘Bike Life’ movement in New York unifies people in the city to come together for one love, riding a bike. No discrimination and no violence, just them on a bike.

Bike Life aims to make New York a better place: Reduce carbon footprint, make NYC a physically and mentally healthier society, reduce crime, bring social equality benefits and focus on the quality of life.

Now, who wouldn’t want to be a part of a movement like that?

Let’s not forget the iconic tourist spots for a bike ride around NYC (with bike routes): Hudson River Greenway, Ocean Parkway Bike Path, Central Park Loop Prospect Park Path, and that’s just a few!

Montreal, Canada

You may be surprised at this on our top 5; however, Montreal calls itself the most bicycle-friendly city on earth!

The city has over 435 miles of bike paths, great tours and bike rentals to get you pedalling on the best routes!

Montreal has a BIXI shared bike system for short commutes from April to November. The best part? You get to ride for 30 minutes free at any time in the day!

It’s worth noting if you were to turn your bike into an e-bike with the TK-1 kit, Montreal law states you have to wear a helmet as you can reach speeds of 32 km per hour… safety first!

Let us know in the comments where your top bike riding destination is!