The ‘reign’ of e-bikes in a bicycle drought

You get told every route has a destination; the classic ‘get up and make it happen.’ However, the minute you think about getting on a bike to get there, let’s say you will not be reaching your destination anytime soon…

No, not because of covid, but the bike shortage, which has left people waiting till 2023. This comes after the demand for bikes outstrips supply.

Unprecedented times

If we ride back to the first lockdown in the UK, many people turned to cook and exercise as we lived under the ‘stay at home’ instruction. Workers were furloughed, people moved to work from home, and cycling was permitted. This was when the bike trade started to go off track.

Since then, the lockdown has eased and come back several times, but the pandemic has certainly changed one thing for good: the way people get from A to B. Rather than public transport, cycling is seen as much safer, but the supply of bikes has shown this has not been an option for all.

According to Cycling Industries Europe (CIE), 85% of bicycle companies are experiencing problems, and supply chain challenges are unlikely to be resolved in 2021.

The delays are causing a ripple effect on the manufacturing and selling of bikes, but long-term forecasts look optimistic.

With the confidence in an increase in investment, research, and development in the bicycle industry, the global market is set to reach $78 billion by 2026, says PR Newswire.

Google is not your best friend

What does this mean for you?

Well, we know you have googled how to buy the bike you want in 2021, and we are not fans. ‘Stay in contact with your local store,’ ‘check websites regularly,’ spend a little more.’ these are things you already know and are not working.

Then comes the option of an electric bike.

An electric bike is known for its ‘easy ride’ with extra peddling support and a green mode of transport.

The electric bike market is expected to reach $38.6 billion by 2025, but a bike shortage remains.

End destination: TK-1

We have a route for you. Save yourself time and money with an electric bike converter. TK-1 retrofit kits allow you to turn any bike into a high-performance mid-drive electric bike. But we do not just provide ‘an easy ride.’

All electric bike converters on the market right now make a change to the actual bike, for example, changing the current wheel on the bike with a motored wheel, whereas TK-1 ensures no changes.

We give your original bike a new lease of life and power with our hybrid design of pedal-assist technology. This means with a flick of a switch; you have the option of regular cycling, a percentage of partial assist, or full assistance.

Before you switch off, let’s address the elephant in the room…

This is an affordable piece of kit. TK-1 is green, innovative, sustainable, global, and affordable because no one should miss out.

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