To be honest, if you’re a driver reading this right now, what annoys you the most when driving?

A.  People not looking and crossing the road

B.  Cyclists on the road

C.  Cars which are parked in a wrong place

Ideally, we’re hoping you picked B… if not, read on anyway!

For those of you who get annoyed by cyclists, we will not tell you not to get annoyed.

Cyclists slow us down and always seem to be in the way, especially when you happen to be in a rush.

Only if they could pedal faster…

What if they didn’t have to?

TK-1 is a retrofit conversion kit that transforms a bicycle into an electric bike (e-bike). The hybrid bike provides 3 modes of assistance:

  • Normal cycling
  • A percentage of partial assist, moderated with the cyclers own pedalling power
  • Full pedal assistance


This means no more holding up the traffic. Pedal-assist allows you to cycle at a much faster rate so that you can keep up, and a bonus when there is standing still traffic!

But that isn’t the only reason you need to ditch your car…

We all know cars and other vehicles add to pollution, so let us put it into perspective:

The grass is greener on the other side

E-bikes release 100 times less co2 per mile than a car.

What’s better is, TK-1 is manufactured using green technology. This means, compared to a normal e-bike which releases a lot of co2 during the manufacturing stage, TK-1 has no detrimental effects on the environment.

Taking the above benefits of an e-bike into consideration, TK-1 reduce your carbon footprint, and we strive to become carbon neutral.

It doesn’t stop there. TK-1 only costs 2p per mile to run!

A piece of cake

It is great to hear the benefits of an e-bike, but how does this benefit you?

Imagine a cake. Let’s say half of the cake is fresh and ready to eat, whereas the other half is stale, but the whole cake looks the same.

You’ve taken a stale slice but are not aware. You don’t realise until your body reacts to the gone off cake a day later.

It’s the same with pollution: you drive a car which releases co2 into the atmosphere. You cannot see the direct effect on yourself and think it is no harm when the results are long term. Co2 leads to bad air quality, which we inhale, affecting our breathing, plants and organisms.

This takes us back to the benefits of an e-bike, particularly TK-1: environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Out of my League

The best part is that we are not asking you to buy a new e-bike that could cost you up to £15,000.

Take your current bike and TK-1.

Our kit costs nowhere near what it would purchase a new e-bike because there are no barriers with us when it comes to looking after our environment.

With TK-1, be aware of your environment, turn to green technology and strive for carbon neutrality.

Who said you couldn’t have your cake and eat it?

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