TK-1 is an innovative company looking to revolutionise the mobility industry through a green, eco-friendly engineering concept, providing affordable e-bike technology for all across the globe.

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Pictured Hafiz Ali, Bobby Singh, and City Mayor Adam Clarke FRSA  


TK-1 is the brainchild of Hafiz Ali and Bobby Singh – who came together in 2019 to make a global innovation backed by multiple patents!

As with every journey, TK-1 started on a blank canvas, looking for an innovative solution for the bike industry. Aiming to hit 4 goals:

  • True innovation, backed by patents
  • Globally compatible
  • Affordable
  • Gentle on our environment

Through various iterations, a successfully made prototype was developed. The first public testing was no one other than Simon Calder (Travel Editor for The Independent) in September 2020, where Simon travelled over 60 miles, capturing the sights of London! TK-1 didn’t stop there, and neither did the team. Hitting another milestone in December 2020, TK-1 was tested and proven internationally. The TK-1 kit was packed up and taken on the flight in hand luggage and flown to Dubai. A standard bicycle was purchased from Dragon Mart, and without the need for any specialist tools or changing the structure of the bike, it was successfully converted into a mid-drive e-bike!

Hafiz & Bobby felt compelled to act when they saw the e-bike industry making technology unaffordable to the masses and not addressing the problem globally, which is 2 billion bikes exist, but if someone wants to have an electric bike – what do they do? Throw it away? Have two? These were the questions that needed to be addressed. A more alarming statement: 15 million cycles end up in landfills, and each one takes 31 years to degrade.

Then came the global pandemic and the bike boom, over a 300-day delay to purchase bikes, including e-bikes! Indeed, this was adding to the problem? With a huge push to reduce carbon footprint, getting people onto bikes and e-bikes is a fantastic initiative, but what about the carbon emissions during the manufacturing of these bikes?

Manufactured using green processes and not reliant on the supply chain, TK-1 is the solution. A compact, sleek and portable kit that transforms any bicycle globally into an e-bike.

Welcome to the journey, riding into the future of innovation with TK-1.

A few words from our Founders

“I feel passionate that everyone who has a bike should be able to have an E-bike. I’ve been genuinely disheartened to see the industry hiking up prices due to the increase in demand bought about by the pandemic. This is not acceptable; let’s face it, cycling is the best possible way to travel in a socially distanced way. Our model, the TK-1, gives people of any age an affordable solution that will revolutionise global public transportation. If they’ve got a bike then, thanks to the TK-1, there’s no reason they shouldn’t convert it into an E-bike.”
Bobby Singh – Founder
“We’ve developed the TK-1 entirely in-house using intelligent green technology and processes to ensure it has a low carbon footprint, a rapid rate of production and can be manufactured anywhere in the world. This means we are well placed to meet the ever-increasing demand: there are an estimated 2 billion bikes on the planet, and the TK1 has already been tested across many brands and bike types.”

Hafiz Ali – Head of Research and Development.

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